This is a `Where´s Waldo´ shot of a male Anole lizard, applying his camouflaging tactic. Our garden lizards change chameleon-style, according to their setting with a repertoire in varied tones of green, brown and gray, to the point of nearly black. Hint: he is posed on a pinnacle, as they are want-to-do while exhibiting their come-hither red flag, projected under the jaw. There were a number of females gathering in the foliage that day, awaiting their turn with the fickle male. This flash of apple-red skin is also used as a threat to ward-off other males (or unwelcome humans) attempting to invade his territory.

My reptilian tenants are tame enough to let me visit closely, even while they stalk plant-sucking prey. As I watch the graceless chewing and gulping, they communicate proudly with confident eye-contact, of a job well-done.


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