There are two Blue Jay babies in there somehow - one is sleeping on his back like a very relaxed cat. Neither are BJ, our adopted orphan, who trotted up the red steps, several years after this pic.

We see more Jays in the bush than any other chicks, when it comes time for them to earn their wings.


Mother Mocking Bird gathering groceries.


Being so new that they are still blind and bald doesn't stop the infant mockingbirds from demanding dinner. The chicks are nested only four-feet high in a Hollywood juniper. Bluejays, sparrows, robins and dove often nest within our reach, when we have no resident cats in the garden.


This little friend was blown down in a storm. When the new nest-chassis was returned to the limbs, Mother resumed her duties.

A mourning dove was trying-out the sheltered niche to make a home. We wonder if the `mourning´ bit comes from their sweet sad cooing song or from their rusty-red breast that may symbolize a bleeding-heart to some. These monogamous creatures are faithful mates for life.  One year, a dove was struck by a passing car on our street. It laid there for at least a day before being removed, yet its mate circled the empty spot for days.


His first jump from the nest lands a sparrow chick in the potting soil pan, safe and sound.





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