They scurry, dance and romp as kittens. They eat our entire crop of pecans and hide any excesses in my pot plants. They also enjoy using the loose rich soil of the borders to store away more acorns and pecans, whilst uprooting winter-sown seed. In spring it is confirmed that well-planted nuts never fail to germinate in cultivated soil and that from tiny acorns do great oaks grow, requiring excavation-type weeding. I even suspect them of stealing any new bulb additions that never develop to see the light of day. One conniving red squirrel watches me teeter on a ladder to tie-in the pleached roses. When I am safe inside, he carefully removes the training twine for nest building. Now I must begin anointing the bed with stinky fox urine in an attempt to discourage my furry jute-thief.

Still, I would loathe to lose them.


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