Gazebo - Fall


View from inside the gazebo.

The swimming pool is just beyond the upper grade of lawn. As a bather walks in the pool, a head appears to float across the ground. I swear this wasn´t planned.

We have lost a lot of definition in our older, pre-digital photos to make for faster loading on your screen. This weakens the beauty of the smaller items I want to portray, such as the passion Pass Podfruit of Passiflora caerulea hanging on the left of the doorway (and beautiful Nigel on the steps!). The fruit´s pulpy orange skin opens easily to reveal a pomegranate-like seed-packing of the most brilliant wet-red. Un-ripened green seed pods drape on the right of the arch.

In early fall, there is often fruit and flowers together, while the Gulf fritillary butterflies dance `round, sporting harvest-hued wings, glinting metalicsilver from underneath. The passiflora is this butterfly´s larva-stage food of choice, so here they lay eggs that evolve into foliage-chewing caterpillars (that appreciatively prune the rampant vine). Then the spiny orange and black caterpillars form chrysalis from which the next generation of orange and black butterflies emerge to 'seed' the vine again.


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