is usually our hottest month of the year.

 But there are plenty of heat-loving flowers in the Long Border.

In the middle section, is the crisp white Shasta 'Becky'.

At the pink end, Crape Myrtles rises above the mystery ginger,
a Buddleia standard, Rock Rose Pavonia , Echinacea
and  a Hardy Hibiscus, 'Red River'.

 The Violet Bed is visable from the hot end of the Long Border.


As the yellow Achillea 'Moon Shine' loses its color,
a neighboring Mexican sunflower Tithonia fills the void.

The old fashioned Tiger Lily blooms nearby.

At the blue end is a stately Salvia guaranitica.

This month's bit of wildlife is a rare find - it is only the second time
 in 20 years that I have come across leathery eggs of . . .


my treasured Anole lizards.


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All images on the Come Strolls are made in the garden
by Maggie Ross McNeely.
Please apply for possible permissions.